Our Story

Back in 2017, I grabbed yet another sticky hand that belonged to my little cousin. I hate sticky hands, I don't even like to think why the hands are sticky in the first place. Like any other kid, my little cousin saw hand washing as a boring chore. I thought, "I bet I could make hand washing more fun". So came the idea of putting toys in soap. 

That same year, I got to work making soap and attended a few bazaars for the holiday season. I did not do well, so I put all of my soap stuff in storage and didn't touch it again until the holiday season of 2019. I was bored and decided to try bazaars again. I did better, but didn't have the space or time to keep it up.

Flash forward to present day. I love making soap and coming up with new ideas for my soaps. I decided to get my business license and sell soap online year-round. If you are reading this, then that means I have had one more person help me reach my goals. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping make this happen.

~Donna Wilson

Owner of Squeaky Clean Jelly Bean